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  • Dispatching office with years of experience in International transport.
  • Experienced drivers that know their trade and are ADR-Colli certified.
  • Warehouse with extensive facilities for temporary storage of your goods.
  • An extensive fleet of trucks of different types available.
  • Our trucks on the road are always in touch with the dispatch office through the mobile phone network. We know at every moment the precise location of your goods.
  • Our prices are always very competitive.
  • We always guarantee a high quality service.
  • We do have trucks with a loading ramp and/or the option to load/unload sideways or from above.
  • For specific destinations we have the option for a fixed-price contract.
  • Upon request we do have special rates for distribution routes.
  • Quotation requests are always responded to quickly and efficiently and are always without obligation.
  • Upon your request we can inform you the moment your goods have been delivered at your destination.
  • We rent forklifts with a lincened driver- forklifts can take upto 3500 kg - prices on request
    we even can bring the forklift straight to your working area....
  • Possibility of warehousing - prices on request- opening hours 06:00-22:00 hr - forklifts and other working tools are available...

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Noordervaart 41-1 | B-2200 Herentals | Phone:+32(0)14/21 77 37 or +32(0)14/21 73 14
fax: +32(0)14/23 15 63 | dispatch@taximarcel.be